Fascia Focus in Gloucester

At Fascia Focus in Gloucester, we source our double glazing products from Camden. We chose them as our supplier because they lead the market for technical excellence, fit, finish, and quality of construction. It all means our range of windows is second to none, and with so much variety in finish, colour and style, your toughest job will be choosing.
UPVC windows are the Number One in energy efficiency. They add value, and are much easier to maintain and clean. They're on average 30% cheaper than their timber counterparts too. They have better insulation values and are able to reduce energy and heating costs. PVC windows are an excellent investment for the home, with a 50 year long life.


Secure, stylish and durable; casement windows are the most popular choice of window for all new build homes and replacements projects.

Manufactured from Camden's innovative and sustainable Inliten profile system, casement windows offer superior performance and durability, without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal.

Choosing windows for your home is an important decision; that is why our casement window range is designed to provide maximum security, weather performance and energy efficiency. Case closed.


Casement Windows from Fascia Focus


The Tilt & Turn window is a versatile yet stylish system, suitable for various types of installation including domestic properties and high-rise buildings.

Designed to offer high levels of safety, security and convenience, the Tilt & Turn window can be operated in two ways:

'Tilt Position' -the window sash remains firmly and safely closed at the bottom whilst the top tilts in towards the room to provide enhanced ventilation

'Turn Position' -the window sash opens at the side with an inward opening of 90 degrees, making it suitable as a fire escape exit. This facility also ensures the exterior of the window can be safely and easily cleaned from inside the home.


Tilt n Turn Windows from Fascia Focus


Stylish, secure and versatile; French windows are suitable for both new build homes and replacements projects, adding character to all house types.

French windows are designed in the style of French doors and feature two outward openings, with the facility to open both side simultaneously or one side only. The two full-length openings provide enhanced viewing areas, maximum ventilation and may also serve as a fire escape exit if require.

French windows are fitted with high-security locking mechanisms, ensuring that both openings remain safely and securely fixed when in their locked positions. Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that all our frames are mechanically strong, tough and durable, backed by a 15 year product performance guarantee.


French Windows from Fascia Focus


Shaped frames offer a unique addition to any new build home or renovation project. Advanced machinery ensures that frames can be moulded and formed to virtually any shape, including porthole frames and gothic arches, and are manufactured to specific size requirements.

All shaped frames are designed to complement our Inliten window and door range; with a fully sculptured frame finish and a range of colour and glazing options also available.


Shaped Frame Windows from Fascia Focus