uPVC Windows & Doors in Gloucester with Fascia Focus

uPVC windows and doors are the Number One in energy efficiency, but there are many other benefits to them than just efficiency. PVC windows offer clear-cut cost advantages, both in procurement and throughout their entire life cycle. Here's our list of key benefits.

uPVC - The Benefits

1) PVC windows have a very good cost-benefit ratio
uPVC windows and doors offer clear-cut advantages throughout their entire life cycle. They are approximately 30% cheaper than wooden profiles, with aluminium being the most expensive option by far; 30% more expensive than wooden frames.

2) PVC windows are remarkably durable
uPVC windows have excellent distortion resistance and a high level of functionality as opposed to windows and doors made of wood. Both uPVC windows and doors have a long service life of 50 years making them an excellent investment on the home, also with regard to maintaining a property’s value.

3) Insulation and Noise Reduction
uPVC windows and doors are wonderful for the high level of insulation against noise pollution from people annd traffic. People's noise can be accountable as one of today's greatest stress factors and uPVC can work wonders at cutting this noise out by 75% in comparison to wooden profiles. The insulation that UPVC provides can go a long way to reducing stress. uPVC keeps the heat in; tighter fitting windows and doors ensure a lot less heat escapes your home with better insulation properties than traditional wooden equivalents; It makes uPVC much more cost effective because you use less energy, positively impacting your heating bills.

4) Much Greater Security
Most uPVC doors actually have a core of galvanised steel which are extremely hard to break down and can't be forced down in the same way as a wooden door. It isn't really possible to get a crowbar inbetween uPVC windows, doors and their frames which is an active deterrant; most would be intruders and thieves already know that it is more difficult to gain entry to a home that has UPVC front and back doors, and they will often move on to something that looks like easier pickings.

5) Easy To Care For
uPVC windows and doors are extremely easy to care for. They won't warp like traditional wooden profiles and are easier to clean. They won't need to be painted every two years either. State-of-the-art PVC granule is extremely resistant to weather conditions and light-fast. To clean the window frames all you need is dishwashing liquid due to the easy-care properties of the smooth profile surfaces.